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Meet Luz

The vibrant pieces that grace our walls were created by the emerging artist, Luz, who prefers to go by the pseudonym LZR. The paintings are mostly on hardwood, which has become LZR’s favorite medium to work with.


Much of her work is done in expressionist or post-Impressionism styles, and she focuses on producing meaningful, abstract pieces. She rarely sticks to conventional color schemes, giving her paintings an optimistic, joyous feeling.

Lioness in Battle was the work that brought her to discover her true artistic style. It came to be an animalistic representation of the artist. She finds the most challenging part of creating art is knowing when it’s done.


Each time she walks away from a piece and comes back to it, she finds areas that need improvement.  At the end of the day, LZR believes that art is a way to express one’s view of the world. It is a single snapshot with bright, bold colors.

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