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Cups of Joy is a faith-based business, JOY standing for Jesus, Others, Yourself. Our mission is to be an outreach to the community by building relationships and creating a warm and welcoming environment. We are always quick to tell customers to make themselves at home because we want them to know that we are here for them in ways that are above and beyond a cup of coffee.



Cups of Joy owner Mary Narron had the dream of opening a local coffee shop in her hometown for a long time, and though she wasn't always sure it was possible, she never gave up on the pursuit because for her, Cups of Joy is more than a business - it is a calling. 

She runs the business with her daughter, Olivia. She sees the two of them as chocolate and coffee - each good on their own, but a dynamic duo together! While Mary focuses on building strong relationships with customers and ensuring their visits are the best they can be, while Olivia handles the logistics and technology for the shop. If you've interacted with us on social media, you've most likely spoken to Olivia!


One of the most important things for both Mary and Olivia was for the shop to have a community focus. Cups of Joy features local artists, has a "Pay-It-Forward" Initiative, where patrons can buy a cup of coffee for another customer, and offers discounts to First Responders.


Additionally, we also collect cash tips to assist when we are aware of a need in the community. These are just a few ways that we practice part of our philosophy: Coffee and Community.

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